Money laundering: cross-border scenario of the Pamir issue (Journalistic investigation of financial fraud on the roof of the world)


In order not to break away from the logical chain of thought and be fully accepted by a foreign audience, we will operate with the expressions and terminology of the countries of the Old World, advocating to play the role of a world policeman in a multipolar world, to make a final verdict on the end of history (according to Fukuyama), will determine everyone to bunk beds or at worst, indicate – how much to breathe and who is to blame?!

Fight fire with fire. “Curiosity is ill manners in another’s house” is an English proverb. In the mentality of the Tajik people, there is an enduring feature and character trait, hidden from the owner of a foreign eye, accustomed to seeing the negative in everything, distorting reality, simultaneously implementing the dubious projects of African Sudan in the conditions of Tajikistan. Note, countries with a long history, with a rich tradition of state thinking, which does not tolerate interference in internal affairs. If in two words it literally expresses the specifics of the national self-consciousness of the Tajiks, it contains “a comprehensive unifying principle of the people under a single flag in the struggle against alien orders promoted by nimble foreign representatives.” In other words, the idiomatic expressions “do not point your finger at someone else’s yard, otherwise they will point at yours with a pitchfork or do not judge others, look at yourself” express the current state of mind of the average Tajik, who gravitates to the role of “little brother”, longing for equal and parity relationships with everyone, regardless of skin color or race. It is for these reasons that the top leadership of Tajikistan demand adequate respect for themselves and their people. As a member of reputable international organizations, including the UN, I am outraged that upstarts from the policy of terror and intimidation have turned their tribune into a platform for informational attacks on Tajikistan.

What we are talking about and what evidence we have, therefore, we present below.


  1. In the beginning was the Word, however!

It is difficult to put into words the feelings that I experienced after such a brazen and insulting accusation by a number of Western media, pro-Soros INGOs, and even UN functionaries who had never visited the Republic of Tajikistan, insinuating the Pamir problem at the international level in their own selfish interests. Surely, discussions about the reform of the entire structure of international law, including the renewal of the UN, are not groundless. It became a lifesaver in the hands of the princes of this world.

In this context, there was nothing left for us to do but to take a more reasonable path, to collect facts so that these perturbers from INGOs would answer for their deeds according to the law, more precisely, according to international humanitarian law.



  1. “Who pays, he rules the ball” in Pamir

Our investigation, based on refutable facts, including information from the inner circle of the Commission 44 as of June 07 of this year clearly shows that not in the Pamirs, but in the city of Khorog, an in-kind global financial scam in the amount of millions of dollars was played, incomparable in size and blasphemy. The puppeteer in this theatrical action was a triumvirate: INGOs (international non-governmental organizations) + OCG (organized crime groups of Khorog) + TEO IRP (terrorist extremist organization Islamic Renaissance Party, better known as the organizer of the internecine civil war), which together using the naivety of the temper of local residents as the warmonger chose the power-hungry – “Commission 44”. The commission played a dual role. It carried out full-fledged banking and commercial transactions, made financial transactions hidden from prying eyes. I didn’t put a penny on the participants in the political dismantling. For to achieve the goal, all means are good. Carried out operations “havala” in addition to the banking system of the republic from all over the world (Europe, near and far abroad). These operations, in order to give a legal form to possession, use and disposal, were carried out under a trustworthy pretext. However, for the most part, they were appropriated for personal benefit by the leadership of the Commission.

The catalyst for the unrest from abroad was the mankurt, a man without family or tribe, Alim Sherzamonov, the eternal debtor of the local “Amonatbank” and, together, the deputy leader of the TEO IRP. He, being a far-sighted fanatic of all kinds of revolutions for a radical bottling using the ink of the Pamirs, created a whole scheme of a financial pyramid. It is now clear that he is sending money transfers to Mamadshoeva Ulfatkhonim, and then along the chain to Irgashev Faromuz, the head of the “Commission 44” and the main instigator. He intended to create a military wing of the newly appeared Basmachi in the region. As a result of the financing of these groups, the youth, frowning with drugs, attacked the head of the region, deputies, employees of the special forces, seized state institutions, beat the head of the city police department half to death, and dreamed of seizing all local power. Everyone has already heard about Sherzamonov’s 13 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, new facts of financial pretense are emerging, we are talking about a millionth sum, both in local and in foreign currency. This is nonsense of a gray mare, according to the legend of ancient Russia, “nonsense of a gray mare”, meaning a stupid statement or thought, because of the belief that the gray horse (gray with an admixture of a different color) is the most stupid animal that “people helped”. No self-organization of the Pamirs abroad has that kind of money. Such finances are found in the bigwigs and oligarchs in the service of world hegemony. The founder of the financial pyramid, the notorious and widely known for his ideological and delusional qualities Sherzamonov.

But something else is interesting. All subjects of criminal cases, members of the Commission 44, being in places not so remote, in unison during interrogations, assert: “I did not deceive citizens, they voluntarily brought me their money. Nobody forced them. I didn’t deceive the people. But still I regret what happened. I had one goal – to work, to deceive was not even in my thoughts. But alas, gentlemen, jurors of prison bunks, the law has no retroactive effect, and you will sit until you are blue in the face. People have died because of you. You have not listened to the thousands of requests from the residents, calling on you in the media and TV to peacefully resolve the issue, surrender to the authorities. You are doubly guilty, because you were in the service, or rather on the bait of the devil – radical Islamists.


III. Facts are a stubborn thing

In the interests of the investigation, we will not report all the details that we discovered during the journalistic investigation. But the main ones, in order to avoid similar events, we will still bring to the public:

  1. The accountant of the Commission 44 Asmatbekov Gulzor, who at the same time launched a stormy activity of double bookkeeping, began to build a house in the village of Khetsorgif, Roshtkala district, using the 166 thousand somoni he received from Europe. He declares thousands of transfers in foreign currency through intermediaries, according to the same scheme mentioned above along the route Dushanbe – Khorog – OCG. And the fact that bypassing the banking system is a violation of the law, he, as befits, “does not know.” But not knowing the laws does not remove responsibility before the law. There is funding for armed groups and individuals calling for a violent change in the constitutional order.
  2. Manuchehr Kholiknazarov, this lawyer is a schemer, just a financial tycoon by Pamir standards. Millions circulated in his bank accounts, in euros, dollars, yuans. Its beneficiaries are the same crooks from Europe, America and Canada, fraudulent functionaries. Conducting speculative cases under the guise of the Association of Lawyers of GBAO, the other day bought a Mercedes Benz car of the latest brand from 50 thousand dollars and more. He had 2 apartments in Khorog, bought them by a strange coincidence at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Just in time for the rallies! Thank God, the bodies of the Pamirs helped. This is the person who does not have a work book, has no commercial undertakings. Lives in the world by proxy.
  3. Kholbashov Kholbash kept large sums of money in houses located in the Sino district of the capital and in the towns of Sangovak and Jangalak of Rushan. He armed his fellow countrymen from the other side of the river so that they would impede the advance of the military column. It is now clear to everyone how these tricks ended – people died, law enforcement officers died, the entire area was paralyzed.
  4. Faromush Irgashev. Going through the biography of this type, it turned out that he was almost an “unregistered candidate”, an “expert in working with the masses”, “interaction with the authorities.” From such a set of words and idiomatic expressions about Irgashev, the head began to spin. All kinds of swindlers love to promote themselves as they like. Received from Sherzamonov to promote the idea of ​​anarchy in a separate street – once 28 thousand somoni, the second time 15 thousand, another time 40 thousand and so on ad infinitum. Not forgetting himself, he handed over thousands of fees to the main instigators of the rally, so that they could provoke people to resist law enforcement officers as best they could. He appointed himself a salary of 7 thousand somoni.
  5. Ulfatkhonum Mamadshoeva. Well, this is the lady of the heart of oppositionists of all times and peoples, from 1991 to May 2002. She was the most greedy of all. Her adventures were shown in the film “The Failure of the Conspiracy”. They number about 400 thousand somoni. Revealed new material evidence, the amount is not final. She could not win the heights of art in the film “Youth’s First Morning”. On the contrary, she did well. Based on the results of watching the film “The Failure of the Conspiracy”, she can calmly and confidently be nominated for an Oscar film award. Fortunately, his owners will be delighted from “Segafredo”. In general, this woman is an “extraordinary” person. And she was an actress, she worked as an oppositionist, she wagged her tail as a border guard, she broke through as an employee of an NGO. She was also an international journalist. And in fact, everything turned out to be banal. A foreign agent in the service of spreading terror. And I almost forgot – a prisoner in prison to boot. And the story is, fortunately, over.
  6. Six, by a strange coincidence, caught Sherzamonov. He is a real flunky in life. Either he was at Zoirov’s, then at the odious leader of the TEO IRP, then at the association of freedom-loving drunks-drug addicts like Varki and the promising frame of the “Islamic revolution” grabber S. Istaravshani. Now he is responsible for the death of the citizens of the republic. Maintained contact through various messengers. Provided accomplices with modern means of communication. I am sure that his exact epithet is the founder and ideological inspirer of the massacre in the Pamirs. The people will never forget this. In this life, you have to be responsible for everything.
  7. Couple Sarkorova – Joni. Tandem of a woman of easy virtue and a cuckold. The couple’s adventures, including those of a sexual nature in entertainment establishments, are documented in our next article… Keep your ears open, gentlemen “passive members of civil society”.



“Where there is no rule of law, there is no place for any form of government” (Aristotle). This axiom should be hacked to the forehead of every employee of INGOs and foreign media. And the UN Deputy Secretary General cannot fundamentally change the status quo. How can Tajikistan, which is considered the extreme frontier of the entire civilized community, an area of secular and European values, allow itself a total militarization of the area bordering Afghanistan? Human Rights Watch’s statement about the “killing of civilians” somehow roughly fits in with the real facts. It can be seen that UN diplomats assess the situation from their offices in New York. But in fact, on May 18 of this year in Rushan, weapons were used by armed thugs. In the center of the district, armed groups of terrorists, using weapons, ammunition and explosives, attacked a convoy of the anti-terrorist unit of the republic. As a result, one officer Jabbarzadeh F. died, 13 servicemen were seriously injured.

Only on May 31, 2022, the following were confiscated from five armed bandits (Gulomkhaydarov, Mavlododov, Shekhburov, Palaev, Pochoev): 1 sniper rifle with 200 rounds, 1 Kalashnikov machine gun with 150 rounds, 1 anti-tank grenade launcher with 3 rounds, 4 Kalashnikov assault rifles with 5 magazines and 135 rounds, 5 hand grenades and 2 Makarov pistols with 50 rounds. Criminals were several times asked to voluntarily surrender to law enforcement agencies. You can’t fight crime with white gloves.

The well-known author of the book “Modern Diplomacy” Popov V.I. is sure that “a diplomat should not keep in touch with opposition groups”, especially with criminals. Hence the direct path to declaring an undesirable person “persona non grata”. However, international diplomats began to feel free, behave with impunity in the countries of the developed world, turning into speakers of either organized crime groups or bohemian ladies from terrorist organizations. It’s time to bring them to their senses!


Mirniyoz Safarov

Expert at the Institute for Political Problems

of Regional and International Security